Over the years, understanding the needs of our customers and consumers has always been essential, and at the start of 2024 an estimated 28 million consumers* chose to make healthier choices. As a result, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of energy bars, protein bars and numerous other healthier snacks, whilst clean energy drinks and drinks with benefits are evermore mainstream. However, shoppers are still unwilling to compromise on taste – especially when treating themselves!

  • Protein-enriched alternatives to snacks. High in protein and no added sugar

  • The Ultimate Energy bar, made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients to keep you moving

  • High protein cheese puff snacks, containing essential Amino Acids.

  • The no.1 healthier Snacking Brand. Low in sugar and carbs but high in protein and fibre

  • Immune boosting, vegan friendly and no nasties - the ‘betta-made’ lemonade

  • Plant-based nutritionally complete food, with 26 essential vitamins, minerals and protein

  • Vegan friendly, plant powered, delicious pretzel thins

  • Each centre-filled, DOUGHNUT inspired protein bar provides a quality source of protein, with great taste

  • Sneak Energy is a zero sugar, natural caffeine energy drink. Their formulas are packed with active ingredients for energy, concentration and focus

  • Superfoods, fruits and nuts with traditional sev creating a nutritious snack

  • High protein, low sugar protein bars, to get more protein into everyday diets

  • High protein, low sugar, plant powered vegan snacks