Our Partner


For our partner brands, World of Sweets can offer an abundance of benefits such as access to unbeatable distribution networks, positioning us as the perfect partners in sweet success! Here’s a selection of our fantastic partner brands we work with...

  • Sweet to eat and fun to share, NERDS Candy is an American top selling brand. World of Sweets are proud to be the only UK compliant distributor

  • Since 1985, WARHEADS® has set the standard for sour candy and is the fastest growing brand of sour candy in the U.S., is one of the most recognized sour candies in the market.

  • Made by the American Licorice Company, one of the original liquorice manufacturers in the U.S. candy industry. Red Vines has become a much loved candy brand in the USA since the 1950’s.

  • Launched in 1990 by the American Licorice Company, the Sour Punch brand has become a fan favourite and one of the leaders in the American sour confectionery category.

  • Launched in 1896, Tootsie Roll has grown to become one of America’s largest candy companies and includes best seller the ‘Tootsie Roll’.

  • We are the sole UK distributor for the global confectionery brands PEZ. Home to some of the biggest character licenses from Disney, Nintendo and more.

  • Creating Innovative, Wild & Wacky Candies that make life fun! Sweet Bandit started over 20 years ago and is a favourite when it comes to novelty kids confectionery.

  • Vimto has been a household name in the UK since 1908 and we offer a range of exclusive Vimto confectionery including the innovative Vimto Juicy Mixups.

  • Danish confectioner Anthon Berg is renowned as the world’s leading liquor filled chocolate brand. Better known for their unique bottle-shaped chocolate and endorsed by some of the most internationally recognised spirit brands such as Cointreau, Drambuie, Remy Martin and more.

  • Zed Candy is a globally recognised confectionery brand better known for their iconic Jawbreakers candy and more recently the exciting new launch of Screamers Big Lick!