23rd March 2022

New Vimto Confectionery Launches

We have worked with our partner brand Vimto to develop new product innovation with three new confectionery products launching into the market this March

Our exclusive partnership with soft drinks giant Vimto means we are always looking to develop new and innovative confectionery products to launch into the market. The latest new launches include Vimto Fried Eggs, Vimto Juicy Mix Ups £1 PMP and Vimto Giant Cables 6kg.

Vimto Fried Eggs – The classic fried egg, but with an added juicy Vimto twist! The soft gummy eggs bursting with the secret fruity Vimto flavour, are packed in 45g treat bags, ideal for convenience impulse, Easter sharing, children’s party bags and portion controlled treats!

Vimto Juicy Mix Ups £1 PMP – After the huge success of Vimto Juicy Mixups, a new price-marked variant of the sharing bag has been developed to ensure customers get the same great mix of tasty treats in a £1 price-marked pack. The 5 gummies that make up this magic mix are Watermelon remixed, Vimto bling ring, Vimto stix, mango remix bottle and Vimto yolky, all made with the renowned secret Vimto flavour and two exciting Vimto Remix flavours.

Vimto Giant Cables – Retailers can now enjoy the fruitiness of Vimto in a giant confectionery cable! Featuring a creamy fondant filling wrapped in the signature Vimto flavour, these candy cables are available in a 6kg shelf ready display case and a delicious addition for sweetshop and leisure retailers to offer consumers. At 75cm long, they’re a novelty treat with huge appeal!

These latest additions feature alongside our growing Vimto confectionery range which includes Vimto Shake Upz Shaker Cup, Vimto Bon Bons, Vimto Juicy Mixups Giant Sharing Pouch and Vimto Fizzy Mallows plus more.

Watch this space for more Vimto exclusives coming soon!

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