14th February 2022

The Grocer’s Guide to Confectionery: Expanding our Vimto offer

“Exciting new products have been added to our Vimto range over the last year, thanks to the partnership we have with the soft drinks giant,” says World of Sweets sales and marketing director Helen Bradshaw.

Trade Press: The Grocer Guide To Confectionery: Expanding our Vimto offer

“Vimto Giant Cables have been a big seller in Hancocks wholesale, with both store and online customers. “The 75cm long piece of Vimto candy is filled with a creamy fondant centre  made from real fruit juice. Other bestsellers include Vimto Jelly Beans, which come in a share bag and include three juicy flavours – original Vimto, strawberry and cherry. “Vimto Juicy Mixups are offered in  a share bag and giant sharing pouch. Each bag contains five tasty treats – including watermelon remixed, Vimto bling ring, Vimto stix, mango remix bottle, and Vimto yolky, made with the secret Vimto flavour – and two exciting Vimto remix flavours.“Vimto Bon Bons and Vimto Shake Upz which includes Vimto Flying Saucers, Mini Jelly Beans, Juicy Mixups and Fizzy Mallows are other popular additions to the range,” she adds.

“We’ll also introduce some tasty new confectionery this year. Vimto Fried eggs join our Easter range. This impulse line mixes the classic well loved Vimto flavour with an Easter themed shape. “During April, we’ll be launching Vimto Zero Fruit Drops, a no-added sugar confectionery made with
sweeteners and offered in a carton with a convenient flip-top lid.”

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