27th October 2023

The new sour brand disrupting the novelty category

World of Sweets have unveiled the Zed Candy Screamers range which consists of the new innovative Shake & Spray

World of Sweets have unveiled the Zed Candy Screamers range which consists of the new, innovative Shake & Spray as well as two other new launches.

The New Zed Candy Screamers Shake & Spray will be available in two flavours, Blue Razz and Purple Razz, 12 x 60m, RRP £1.20. This exciting new product is not just another candy spray, it’s expected to be incredibly popular amongst younger sweet lovers with its new innovative and unique concept with the spray can ‘shake effect’. The shake effect is caused by three blue razz bubblegum balls at the bottom of the can. Kids simply twist the product to open and reveal the gum. Shake & Spray is expected to be in big demand after its launch this September and will be accompanied by a social media campaign to get children excited and encourage sales. The eye catching Screamers graphics will be hugely appealing to kids and the elongated and transparent lid is similar to a real spray can.  This product is also displayed in a fully brand shelf ready to display.

Another new Screamers product that has launched this year is the Big Lick with a RRP of £1.00. Big Lick is also available in Blue and Purple Razz and has achieved a combined total of almost 1 million units sold since its launch in April. The launch of Big Lick was also accompanied by an incredibly successful social media campaign with all Big Lick related videos on TikTok bringing in a total of 18.2 million views!

Zed Candy Screamers Dip & Lick is another must have novelty product and its RRP of 50p makes it a perfect pocket money value sweet for youngsters. The Screamers Dip & Lick consists of two candy sticks in a tasty blue razz and cherry flavour, accompanied by three sour powder dips, sour apple, sour strawberry and sour lemon.

Zed Candy prides itself on creating eye-catching packaging and candy with new textures, tastes and fillings and even more Screamers products are expected to be released later on in the year.

Chris Smith, Partner Brand Manager at World of Sweets said: “We’re incredibly excited about the new Zed Candy Screamers range because we know just how much kids will love it!

“The new Shake & Spray product will be an instant success due to the innovative spray can design and shake effect that youngsters will find exciting. Its social media campaign will follow in the footsteps of the Big Lick campaign which was insanely popular and helped drive sales further for the product.

“Zed Candy are constantly providing us with fun and innovative products which we’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store this year as part of their Screamers range!” 

Brendan Roantree, Managing Director of Zed Candy said: “In 12 months we have brought Screamers to +20 countries. Our new Shake & Spray has had an incredible reception from our international distributor network. The UK will be the first to launch and we are delighted to partner with World of Sweets who have unparalleled reach in the market”.

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