24th April 2024

Hancocks launch ‘Healthier’ proposition

The UK’s leading confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks, is launching  a new healthier proposition. 

Healthier at Hancocks will see the confectionery giant offer retailers healthier choices to add to the in store offering to maximise sales and attract new customers. Focus areas include healthier snacks and energy, with the aim to make enjoyable, healthier choices accessible and affordable for everyone. This comes after an industry-wide shift that has seen many major grocers starting to segment healthy snacking and highlight wider ranges including energy drinks and high protein. More cash and carry’s are also bringing in bulk offerings in both healthy snacking and drinks to meet consumer demands. 

The healthier snacking market has grown by 15% in the last 12 months, taking it to £148m. 

With market growth showing no signs of slowing down, Hancocks is encouraging retailers to make the most of the popularity and stock up on key categories.

The Healthier at Hancocks launch comes alongside the introduction of two new partner brands, Sneak Energy and CLIF. Some of the other brands which will come under the Healthier at Hancocks category include Barebells, Grenade, Gunna, Get More Vits, Eat Natural and Candy Kittens.

New products from the healthier category will be available from each of Hancocks 14 depots across the UK and online www.hancocks.co.uk , with new signage and POS to help shoppers navigate new lines in store.

The brand even plans to extend their own ranges by launching new brands and through partner brand development.

Kathryn Hague, Head of Marketing at Hancocks said: “We are super excited to be launching our brand new Healthier at Hancocks proposition. “Many of our independent, forecourt and grocery customers are segmenting healthy snacking and highlighting wider ranges in store, which aligns perfectly with our plans for healthier options. “With an already increased demand, the ability for retailers to tap into a brand new customer base and be involved with such a fast-growing category, introducing healthy snacking, functional and energy categories is a no brainer.”


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